About Us

KIIT-TBI BioIncubator has been established as the 1st BioIncubator in the State of Odisha in December 2012 as an initiative of KIIT-TBI and KIIT University. It is being supported by BIRAC under the BIS Scheme. Since its inception, KIIT-TBI BioIncubator has been able to evince a lot of enthusiasm in the scientific and academic communities for promotion of bio-entrepreneurship. It has proved to be a potential centre of relevance and excellence in the eastern part of India. The focus at the incubator has been on establishing innovation led technology ventures. Being primarily a University based Incubator; we focus on translating research entrepreneurial avenues. Over the years, since the establishment, we are witnessing a steady rise in bioinnovators focusing on wide range of projects from agri biotechnology, industrial processes to formulations, nanotechnology etc. The KIIT BioIncubator has been focusing its activities on East and North East regions. In the State of Odisha, we have been able to evince interest in various stakeholders from research and academia, including innovators from CIPET, IIT (Bhubaneswar), ILS, NISER etc. Our innovators at present are executing cutting-edge projects on various trans-disciplinary areas covering nanotechnology, diagnostics, biomed and life sciences.

  • Innovation Center within the university system with an incubation space of 60,000 sq ft.
  • Providing furnished offices with access to onsite conferencing facilities, superfast broadband Internet, library and staffed reception.
  • Conference rooms and meeting lounges with A/V conferencing and library.
  • Co-working space with available private offices
  • Laboratories for R&D and product development which includes, Tinkering Lab, Food testing, Plant Tissue Culture, Animal House, Analytical, Cell Culture, Bioprocess Labs and Sequencing Facility.
  • Access to Sophisticated instruments like LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/MS, MP-AES, ICP-OES, DLS, Confocal Microscopy, FTIR, FPLC and HPLC with maintenance and technical support.

  • Technology and Idea Validation
  • Funding and Investment
  • Product Development and Testing
  • Identification of Market Opportunities
  • Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Support
  • Networking with potential Advisors and Mentors
  • Supporting early and late stage innovation research
  • Linkages with Industry and R&D Labs for technology Sourcing and transfer
  • Reasonable lease terms
  • Training and support in obtaining funding for pilot sale studies
  • Access to business services including legal, financial and marketing/communications
  • Capacity building training programmes

Thrust areas:
  • Agri-Biotechnology
  • Health Care: Device and Diagnostics
  • Health Care: Drugs & Vaccines
  • Food Technology
  • Bio-Medical sciences
  • Waste management
  • Industrial Biotechnology
  • Data Analytics
  • Life Sciences