Protein Facility

Proteins constitute the structural and motor components of the cell, serving as catalyst for most of the biochemical reactions occurring inside the living organisms. Because of their essential roles, significant efforts are being made to functionally characterise proteins in order to validate them as drug/vaccine candidates, develop biologics or for being used as industrial enzymes. Thereby for most of these applications, achieving an optimal level of protein expression and purification is crucial for downstream applications.

Understanding the need, a high throughput protein production and purification unit has been established [(KIIT-TBI Protein facility (KTPF)], in order to give researchers the access to use state-of-the-art technologies for streamlining their experiments. The facility is equipped with the required instruments like PCR, Biosafety cabinets, Incubator-shakers, 10l Fermenter, FPLC systems etc., that a researcher would need for bacterial, yeast and other eukaryotic cell based expression systems; as well as the required facilities to characterize their proteins. Our team at KTPF, lead by technical experts work closely with our incubates and clients to aid their requirements.

Instrumentation available at this facility:
  • UV/Vis spectrophotometer- Agilent Cary-60, Agilent Cary-100
  • Incubator Shakers- Infors-HT, Eppendorf New Brunswick Innova® 42
  • Benchtop centrifuges- Eppendorf 5804R, Beckman Coulter Allegra X-30R
  • PCR- Eppendorf Mastercycler pro PCR , Eppendorf Mastercycler nexus PCR
  • Microcentrifuges- Eppendorf 5424
  • Biosafety Cabinet: Nu-Air Class-II
  • Lyophilizer- Martin Christ Alpha 1-2 LDplus
  • Gel documentation- Viber Lourmat
  • Electrophoresis- Biorad horizontal and vertical electrophoresis systems
  • Western- Bio-Rad Trans-Blot Turbo
  • Vibra-Cell-Sonics Sonicator
  • Refrigerator and freezers
  • FPLC systems- Biorad Biologic DuoFlow Chromatography System with BioFrac Fraction Collector; AKTA pure M with fraction collector
  • Others- Electronic Weigh Balance (Shimadzu), Water Bath (Julabo), Magnetic stirrer, Rocker-shaker, Vortex etc.

We understand that many researchers need a protein production/purification and characterization service with specific skill sets and technological expertise that they do not possess or wish to establish. The facility also focuses on providing services and technical guidance at all steps starting from cloning to recombinant protein expression and characterization as shown in the organogram. Based on the requirement the user can avail any of these services as below.

  • Cloning and Expression: Currently, the facility has different expression vectors with HIS and GST tag that will be used to transform multiple strains of either E. Coli or Pischia for recombinant protein production.
  • Protein Purification: We have all the required chromatography resins (GE-life sciences) required for initial protein purification or polishing steps. The list of the types of chromatography facilities available can be seen in the figure.
  • Biophysical Characterization: The facility also house some of the analytical instruments like LC/MS, DLS, CD spectrometry etc, that can be used to either quantify, or characterize the recombinant proteins.

However the users will need to provide a minimal charges for availing these services, which will be used towards paying manpower and buying consumables.

Service Charges

R&D labs Private Industries
RP-HPLC INR 1200/Run INR 1600/run
FPLC-SEC (without molecular weight standards) INR 1200/sample INR 1600/sample
FPLC-SEC (with molecular weight standards) INR 2700/sample INR  3600/sample
Calculate Extinction coefficient INR 1350/sample INR 1800/sample
Protein Estimation (Bradford/BCA) INR 750 (1-10 samples) INR 1000 (1-10 samples)
CD Spectroscopy  INR 450/sample INR 600/sample
DLS INR 450/sample INR 600/sample
Intact Mass  INR 2700/sample INR 3600/sample
Protein Identification by Peptide Mass Fingerprinting INR 3000/sample INR 4000/sample
Trypsin digestion and peptide extraction from gel spots INR 1500/spot INR 2000/spot
In solution trypsin digestion (low complexity samples, i.e. purified protein) INR 1500/sample INR 2000/ sample
In solution digestion (high complexity, i.e. organelle extract or whole cell) INR 2100/sample INR 2800/sample

# Pricing for other Services like Cloning, expression/purification or any other type of analysis will be charged extra as per the users requirement.