Cell Culture Facility

The Cell Culture Facility is a 4002 ft Biosafety Level 2 Laboratory (BSL2), maintained by KIIT-TBI Bioincubator. The Bioincubator ensures that all biosafety measures are in place and implements the policies that control access to the laboratory.

Access to the facility is free to members of TBI upon proof of training, knowledge of potential risks, and proficiency in standard and BSL2 special microbiological practices before working with BSL-2 pathogens. Training in biosafety and standard operational procedures will be provided by Bioincubator scientific staff. Other researchers can also gain access to this facility with prior permission.

Equipments available in the facility include::
  • BSL-2 Biosafety cabinet
  • Allegra X-30R Centrifuge
  • Remi R-8C BL Centrifuge
  • New Brunswick™ Galaxy® CO2 Incubators
  • Olympus inverted CK41 Microscope
  • Compound microscope
  • Fridge/freezer(-20°C)
  • -80°C freezer
  • Water bath