High Resolution Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometer

Make: Agilent Technologies, USA

Model: 1260 Infinity Binary LC coupled with 6530B Accurate mass Q-TOF


  • Direct Mass with Dual ESI (Positive & Negative ionization)
  • UHPLC with PDA Detector -Mass spectrometer
  • Agilent Jet-stream Thermal focusing technology for enhanced sensitivity
  • Sub 1-ppm mass accuracy and femtogram level sensitivity
  • Wide mass range to 20,000 m/z
  • Scan rate-20spectra/sec for full scan MS data


  • Solvent for mobile phase should be mentioned.
  • Run methodology to be provided along with the sample. In-case the users don’t have any standardized method, we will run as per our suitable method
  • At present different C18 columns are available.
  • For HPLC-PDA analysis, wavelength should be mentioned.
  • Peptide samples should be properly digested and desalted.
  • Expected structure or mass can be provided
  • Source of the compound should be mentioned.
  • For protein identification link to the organism database should be provided

Service Charges

Service R&D labs and Startups Private Industries
Direct Mass(Direct Injection) INR 1500/sample INR 2000/sample
UPLC-MS (Separation on a RP column) INR 2700/sample INR 3600/sample
Intact Mass INR 2700/sample INR 3600/sample
Protein Identification by Peptide Mass Fingerprinting INR 3000/sample INR 4000/sample
Trypsin digestion and peptide extraction from gel spots INR 2400/spot INR 3200/spot
In Solution Trypsin Digestion(Low Complexity - Purified Proteins) INR 1500/sample INR 2000/sample
In Solution Trypsin Digestion(High Complexity - Organelle Extract/Whole Cell) INR 1800/sample INR 2400/sample
UHPLC-DAD (Separation on a RP column) INR 1200/sample INR 1600/sample

For any queries, contact - [email protected]

LC-MS and LC-MS/MS for Compound Analysis service request form
LC-MS/MS metabolomics service request form.pdf
Proteomics service request form