Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer

Make: Agilent Technologies, USA

Model: 7890B GC-240 ION TRAP MS


GC-Mass spectrometer:

  • Flame ionization detector (FID) responds to most organic compounds
  • Unparalleled EI full scan detection at sub-picogram levels
  • Scan rate=5000-10000u/sec in normal, fast and fastest scan mode
  • Mass Range=m/z 10-1000
  • MS/MS enhances selectivity and improves detection

Columns Available:

  • VF-5MS(Length-30m, ID-0.25 mm, Film-0.25 µm , Max temp-325°C)
  • HP-5(Length-30m, ID-0. 3mm, Film-0.25 µm , Max temp-325°C)


  • The analytes should be in a volatile solvent. Solvent name should be mentioned.
  • Run methodology to be provided along with the sample. In-case the users don’t have any standardized method, we will run as per our suitable method.
  • For quantitative analysis the user will provide the standards.
  • Samples should be particulate free, i.e, filtered through 0.22/0.45µm filter.
  • Source of the compound should be mentioned.

Service Charges

Service R&D Labs and Startups Private Industries
GC-FID INR 1350/run INR 1800/run
GCMS in EI mode INR 1980 per run INR 2640 per run
Head space GCMS INR 2880/run INR 3840/run
NIST Library Search INR 270/peak INR 360/Peak
Targeted Detection of Compounds in a Sample INR 1980/run + INR 270/compound INR 2640/run + INR 360/compound
Quantitative GC/MS INR 1620/calibration point + INR 1980/sample INR 2160/calibration point + INR 2640/sample
Method Development * INR 1980/run INR 2640/run

* Additional services will be charged as per request

For any queries, contact - [email protected]