Eleventh Call

Development of novel low cost Negative Pressure Wound Therapy device

Principal Investigator: Dr. Joseph Thomas

Application Type: Individual

Focus Area: Healthcare-Devices and Diagnostics

Commercial scale cultivation of microalgae for extracting valuable compounds from algae biomass

Principal Investigator: Dr. Mayakkannan Gopal

Application Type: Company (Microbloom Tech Private Limited)

Focus Area: Agriculture

Venoms derived drugs for multi drug resistant-tuberculosis

Principal Investigator: Dr. Raman Parkesh

Application Type: Individual

Focus Area: Healthcare-Drugs and Vaccines

A novel screening tool for rapid detection of ocular pathogens

Principal Investigator: Dr. Smruti rekha Priyadarshini

Application Type: Individual

Focus Area: HealthCare-Device and Diagnostics

5.Paper-chip based technology to test for Fat, SNF, Common Adulterants, Somatic Cells and Bacterial Load in Milk

Principal Investigator: Mr. Nitish Singh

Application Type: Company (MicroLife Innovations Private Limited)

Focus Area: Industrial Biotechnology

Development of biomedical device for efficient surveillance of inpatients on IV line

Principal Investigator: Mr. Srijan Dhare

Application Type: Company (Smartify Health Private Limited)

Focus Area: Healthcare-Devices and Diagnostics

Novel Drug eluting Bio film platform

Principal Investigator: Mr. Vishal Kataria

Application Type: Company (Jubeln lifesciencesPrivate Limited)

Focus Area: Healthcare-Drugs (including Drug Delivery)